The MIES aims:

* Identifying synergistic interactions resulting from the multidisciplinary nature of the members of the Institute in order to improve the quality of research in environmental matters.

* To coordinate research within individual research groups signed the proposal and facilitate communication between them.

* Develop mechanisms for coordinating the interaction with other university institutes and research centers related.

* To coordinate the search for sources of public and private funding in R & D support and facilitate the development of applications.

* To disseminate the results of research carried out by the Institute and its members.

* Research to develop in the IMEM includes a dual field: social scientific and technological.


Scientific field

* Deepening the knowledge of living systems and their interaction with the environment, particularly with regard to media with high water deficit Mediterranean.

* Development of new methods and techniques for the study of these media and their environmental problems, especially related to desertification and over-exploitation of resources (including, among these, the area).

* Promoting the use of an approximation multidisciplinary and holistic approach for enhancing synergies between different disciplines.


Scope technological and social

* Dissemination of environmental research conducted by different groups organization and participation in conferences, courses and other unregulated dissemination tools: websites, brochures, informative publications in journals, etc.

* Provision of services to private users and companies in environmental matters, including research work, development and innovation as well as advice, consulting (ISO standards) and transfer of results.

* Servicing of government in environmental matters, particularly as regards the area geographical and administrative of the Community of Valencia: development of management plans of protected areas, land management, restoration projects (of environments affected by fire, overgrazing, mining and quarrying, etc..), and environmental impact studies (desalination, infrastructure transport, housing estates, etc.)..

* Servicing the entire University of Alicante (sustainable management of the campus) and the university community, business internship agreements, information on environmental matters, cooperation with academic organizations in organizing seminars and conferences.