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Environmental problems facing the Valencian Community, and by extension, much of the Mediterranean basin, may compromise their short-term development. Changes in land use, including urban pressure ever recorded, and the abandonment of mountain and coastal saturation pose a situation unprecedented in the history of our territory. Furthermore, this situation is aggravated in place within the framework of climate change which, if continued, will mean bleak variations in the size and distribution of temperature and rainfall. Unfortunately, in our territory is shown by some of the biggest current environmental problems like desertification (in its many variants), depletion of resources (mainly land and water), forest fires or pollution.


This situation, and their high complexity, development requires not only knowledge but the establishment of tools to facilitate bidirectional communication between scientists and society. Moreover, it is by now clear that such problems can not be tackled in isolation by specialists in one or the other, with guarantees of success, but requires a holistic and transdisciplinary approach that takes account of the different scales in which fits any of these problems. Moreover, environmental studies should extend beyond the field of diagnosis and evaluation, but should further the development of new technologies, tools and procedures to mitigate the consequences of these problems, and correcting, if necessary, dysfunction of natural systems and our society use them. It is clear that problems should be approached from different disciplines in a coordinated way. This is not enough to develop high quality research at research group, it is necessary to generate synergies among experts, and they should be facilitated by higher structures such as the University Research Institutes. Finally, in a society increasingly complex information is necessary to encourage dissemination of research results and generate feedbacks that allow resetting the knowledge generation process to the changing reality.

It is for this reason that, based on the human resources available, and the accumulated knowledge on environmental issues in the Mediterranean area which is part of the AU, has created the Multidisciplinary Institute for Environment Studies "Ramon Margalef (MIES).

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Multidisciplinary Institute for Environmental Studies

Universidad de Alicante
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