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Campus UA

The prestigious MIES researcher Fernando T. Maestre presents, with the support of the UA, a decalogue in favor of a happy work environment

Happiness as a vaccine against labor hell, the pioneering method of the University of Alicante.

protection seas

Adhere to the protection of Marine Biodiversity

Several researchers around the world (including César Bordehore, from IMEM) have come together to write an open letter published in Science on "PROTECT THE HIGH SEAS BIODIVERSITY", where any researcher can join.

An attempt is made to support the International Waters Conservation Treaty, currently pending at the UN, to make it as ambitious as possible in relation to the conservation of biodiversity and fishery resources.

EXtreme-reef Carlos Sanz

The MIES welcomes researchers from all over Spain to share scientific advances on adaptation to climate change of habitat 1170 (Arrecifes)

Coinciding with World Oceans Day (June 8), within the framework of the project “EXTREME-REEF. Research for adaptation: Knowing the effects of extreme weather events on coastal reefs”, a conference was held on June 4 with experts from various national research organizations such as the National Museum of Natural Sciences of the CSIC and the Institute of Litoral Ecology, and the universities of Alicante and Bern, where the need to advance scientific knowledge and provide public administrations with management tools for adaptation to climate change of these habitats was highlighted.

This conference is part of the planned actions of the EXTREME-REEF project, which has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.



grafica-covid-cesar bordehore

Desarrollan un modelo matemático para calcular el ritmo diario de infectados por Covid-19

Created by researchers from the University of Alicante, the IMEM Ramon Margalef and the Carlos III Health Institute, it is capable of accurately estimating the number of daily infections, an essential parameter to understand the dynamics of an epidemic.

Maestre el Español

Interview with Fernando Maestre

Fernando Maestre, the prestigious Alicante scientist fleeing environmental catastrophism.


Fernando Maestre nombrado Científico del Alto Consejo Consultivo, Desarrollo e Innovación en Investigación de la Presidencia de La Generalitat

The MIES researcher, Fernando Maestre, has been appointed Scientist of the Alto Consejo Consultivo, Desarrollo e Innovación en Investigación de la Presidencia de la Generalitat, after having been distinguished with the Rei Jaume I Prize.

GENCAT Margalef 2021 award

Ramon Margalef Ecology Prize

The Generalitat de Catalunya created the Ramon Margalef Ecology Prize in 2004, thus honoring the memory of the Catalan and universal sage. The award, at an international level, aims to recognize those people from around the world who have distinguished themselves exceptionally in the cultivation of ecological science.

Nominations can be submitted for the seventeenth Ramon Margalef Ecology Prize, corresponding to the year 2021, until May 28, 2021.

almonds xylella

MIES researchers work against Xylella fastidiosa

MIES researchers Francisco Martínez Mójica, César Bordehore and Jesús García, are studying a cure against Xylella fastidiosa that kills almond trees.

Fernando Maestre award

Radio Elda Award for the Environment for Fernando Maestre

Interview with MIES researcher Fernando T. Maestre on Radio Elda after receiving the award from this channel for the Environment.

Price aguarding min 38:

Maestre consell I+D+i

Maestre Gil joins the R+D+i board

The MIES researcher, Fernando Maestre, will be part of the body that advises the Consell on research, development and innovation.


EXTREME-REEF Project: Research for adaptation: Knowing the effects of extreme weather events on coastal reefs

Until June 2022, experts attached to the MIES Ramon Margalef, Bioplastic Lab research team will study how to forecast the effects of climate change in marine protected areas. Environmental stress, eutrophication (the process of excessive enrichment of nutrients in an aquatic ecosystem), and the increased distribution of invasive species to which habitat 1170 is subjected will be analyzed in a climate change scenario.

The EXTREME-REEF project has the support of the Fundación Biodiversidad del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico.