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Sergio Molina Palacios

Sergio Molina Palacios


Senior Lecturer
Environmental and Earth Sciences Department

Electronic post:
Telephone:965903400  ext. 3056; 2201

Brief summary of work: I Carry working in Seismic Risk from does more than 10 years collaborating with international centres of recognised prestigo in Norway, Italy, Salvador, Guatemala,  etc. The lines of investigation more notable in which take part are related with the evaluation of the seismic dangerousness and his inclusion in the rules sismorresistentes as well as the obtaining of stages of seismic damages for the identification of vulnerable urban surroundings and the establishment of plans of emergency and of reinforcement.

Abridged CV



Ordenación, Planning and Management of the Territory



Seismic dangerousness, Effects of place, Microzonificación, Seismic Risk



Seismology-Seismic Risk and Processed of the Signal in Natural Phenomena


  • Mitigación del riesgo sísmico mediante escenarios integrados de deformación,peligrosidad,... (MARSH) Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. 01/10/2007-30/09/2010.
  • Escenarios de peligrosidad sísmica para sistemas de evaluación integrada del riesgo sísmico. Diseño de un sistema integrado para la Vega Baja, Alicante. Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología. 01/01/2004 -01/01/2007.
  • Cooperation Research and consulting Project (Seismology and Seismic Engineering). NORSAR-The Research Council of Norway. 23/01/2008 - 23/01/2012.


  • Molina, S.; Lang D.H.,Lindholm C.D.(2010) SELENA - An open-source-tool for seismic risk and loss assessment using a logic tree computation procedure Computers & Geosciences, 36, 257-269.
  • Lang, D.H.; Molina, S.,Lindholm,C.D. (2008) Towards near-real-time damage estimation using a CSM-based tool for seismic risk assessment, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 12, 199-210.
  • Galina-Merino, j.j., Rosa-Herranz, j., Jauregui, P., Molina,S. and Giner, j.j. (2007) Wavelet Transform Methods for Azimuth Estimation in Local Three-Component Seismograms Bulletin of The Seismological Society of America, 3, 793-803.
  • Molina,S. and Lindholm,C. (2007) Estimating the confidence of earthquake damage scenarios: examples from a logic t ree approach. Journal of Seismology, 299-310.
  • Molina, S. and Lindholm, C. (2007) A logic tree extension of the capacity spectrum method developed to estimate seismic risk in Oslo, Norway, Journal of earthquake engineering, 6, 877-897.

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