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Professor of Genetics
Department of Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology

Phone: +34 965909766
Research topics: Molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry of mammalian cells and microorganisms. Regulation of gene expression. Signal transduction.

Abridged CV:


Structural and molecular analysis of organisms.


(1) Expression in the retina of genes and proteins associated with genetic neurodegenerative diseases.
(2) Signal transduction mediated by oxidative stress in cells of the immune system.
(3) Molecular detection of endophytic fungi and genetic analysis of their actions as biological control agents.

Scientific collaborations: (1) Drs. Nicolás Cuenca and Roque Bru, IMEM. Dr. Jesús Cruces, Dpto. Bioquímica. (2) Dr. Francisco Sobrino, Dpto. Bioquímica Médica y Biología Molecular, Universidad de Sevilla. (3) Dr. Luis V. López Llorca, IMEM.
UNESCO Specialization Codes: 2302-21, 2490-03, 2410-07, 2415-01.


 Human and Mammalian Genetics (GHM)

  • Research of genes that cause rare diseases in brain tumors. Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). Project (crowdfunding) ref. PR230 Responsible researcher: Dr. José Martín Nieto. 2019-20 (€ 9,017 / 1 year).
  • Validation and functional annotation of a panel of genes for the classification of high-grade gliomas and a set of potential biomarkers with clinical utility. Fundación para el Fomento de la Investigación Sanitaria y Biomédica (FISABIO), Generalitat Valenciana. Project ref. UGP-15-237. Main researcher: Dr. Víctor M. Barberá. 2016-2018 (18.907 €/2 years).
  • Alpha-distroglicanopathies: pathophysiology, genetic and studies in animal models. Institute of Health ‘Carlos III'. National plan of R&D, Subprograma of Projects of Investigation in Health. Project ref. PI15/00073. Main researcher: Dr. Jesús Cross. 2016-18 (96.195 €/3 years). 
  • Pathophysiology and genetics of diseases associated with dystroglycan and its O-glycosylation. Institute of Health Carlos III. National R+D+i Plan. Project ref. PI12/00157. P.I: Dr. Jesús Cruces. 2013 - 15 (114.950 € / 3 years).
  • Expression and function in the retina of genes and proteins associated with dystroglycanopathies. Institute of Health ‘Carlos III’. National R+D+i Plan. Project ref. PI09/1623. P.I.: Dr. José Martín Nieto. (2010-13 (74.415 €/3,5 years).
  • Neuroprotective effect of the drug, TUDCA, on retinitis pigmentosa. ONCE. P.I.: Dr. Nicolás Cuenca. 2010 (10,000 €/ 0.5 years).
  • Ocular pathology in aging, visual quality and life quality. Institute of Health ‘Carlos III’. National R+D+i Plan. Thematic Network for Cooperative Research in Health (RETICS) ref. RD07/0062/0012. P.I.: Dr. Nicolás Cuenca. Coordinator: Dr. Julián García Sánchez. 2008-12 (131,792 €/5 years).
  • Effect of neurotrophic factors and cell transplantation on retinal neurogenesis and therapy of retinitis pigmentosa. Ministry of Education and Science. National R+D+i Plan. Project ref. BFU2006-00957/BFI. P.I.: Dr. Nicolás Cuenca. 2006-09 (143,990 €/3 years).


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